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192-35040 Drawing in English
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Kursnummer 192-35040
Kurstitel Drawing in English
Kursinhalte Drawing is a great skill that can enhance what you perceive and see in the world around you. You can learn to combine lines and space and turn them into a creative statement on paper. This one-day course will offer basic tools and tips for drawing and sketching and will be conveyed in an experimental setting of free play and invention. No earlier drawing experience is necessary. The course will be conducted in English.
Weitere Informationen All materials you nee will be provided by the instructor and are included in the fees.
Candace Carter / weitere Kurse
Termin Samstag, 23.11.2019, 10:00 Uhr bis 16:00 Uhr
Ort vhs, Kaiserallee 12e, vhs, Kaiserallee 12e; 101/Atelier (barrierefrei zugänglich) - im Stadtplan
(Änderungen bis Kursbeginn möglich,
bitte informieren Sie sich kurz vor Kursbeginn nochmals hier)
Kursgebühr 52,00 €

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